These two totems are located in a bakery cafe SEKS in Copenhagen (Krystalgade 6). Both totems are in conversation with each other, and are a visual representation of the carbon footprint of different actions related to romance and sex;

The turquoise totem demonstrates the carbon footprint of a round trip flight from Copenhagen to Ibiza (~ 600kg of Co2e in emissions).

Copenhagen to Ibiza
(~ 600kg of Co2e in emissions)

The second totem shows the footprint of the activities 100 Copenhagen couples might do throughout a romantic day, or those that a single couple might do 100 times over the course of their relationship;

100 trips to Louisiana Museum by train
(220kg Co2e)

100 bottles of wine enjoyed together
(120 kg co2e)

100 loaves of bread eaten together
(64 kg co2e )

100 sessions of calories burned during average sexual intercourse
(64 kg co2e)

100 cigarettes after sex (not encouraged)
( 0,3 kg co2e)

100 shared showers after sex (encouraged)
(90 kg co2e)

This totem shows how living romantically locally for 100 days is the equivalent footprint to a single flight, putting the romantic decisions of a couple into question when they have collective climate implications.

Carbon footprint calculator